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PC Nackt


PC NACKT is an artist, composer, musician and producer, one half of WarrenSuicide, co-founder of the Berlin/Göteborg String Theory and member of the Apparat Band.


Ein Sommernachtstraum im Cyber Valley, 2018
Artistic Direction: Schorsch Kamerun
Music: PC Nackt, Schorsch Kamerun
Schauspiel Stuttgart

Paradise Lost, 2016
Schorsch Kamerun
Theater Basel

Guts over Fear, 2015
Live scoring of the Schlingensief-film "Menu Total"

with 6 trombones of the STEGREIF orchestra and electronics
Silent Green Kulturquartier

Ich habe um Hilfe gerufen. Es kamen Tierschreie zurück, 2015
Concept, text and direction: Fabian Hinrichs, Schorsch Kamerun
Performance: Fabian Hinrichs, Schorsch Kamerun, PC Nackt
Hebbel am Ufer in the context of "Marx' Gespenster"

Hair, 2014
Directed by Robert Lehniger
Arrangement by Warren Suicide
Theatre Bremen

The Lion in Winter, 2014
Directed by Sebastian Hartmann
Deutsches Theater Berlin

Der Traum eines lächerlichen Menschen, 2013
Directed by Sebastian Hartmann
Centraltheater Leipzig

Mein Faust, 2012
Directed by Sebastian Hartmann
Centraltheaer Leipzig

Hamlet ist tot - keine Schwerkraft, 2010 
Directed by Florian von Hoermann

Don Carlos, 2009
Directed by Florian von Hoermann
Staatstheater Karlsruhe

HerzIV, 2009
Directed by Vicky Schmatolla
Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Transporter, 2008
Directed by Florian von Hoermann

Das trunkene Schiff, 2007
Directed by Florian von Hoermann
Schauspiel Frankfurt 


No Gravity, 2011
Choreography: Company Irène K
Adom Modulations, 2008
Choreography: Zufit Simon
Tanznacht Berlin
inside/Out, 2007
Choreography: Katja Wachter
Muffathalle, Munich
Pseudocouples, 2006
Choreography: Katja Wachter
Prinzregenten Theatre, Munich
Steine sind Steine, 2000
Choreography: Michaela Christensen


Fonotune: An Electric Fairytale, 2017
directed by Fabian Huebner

Equals, 2015
directed by Drake Doremus
w/ co-authors Sascha Ring and Dustin O'Halloran
Soundtrack Stars Award, Venice Film Festival

Die Klasse, 2014
directed by Ben von Grafenstein

David wants to fly, 2010
directed by David Sieveking

Land of Plenty, 2004
directed by Wim Wenders

Songs in films:

Liegen Lernen, 2003
directed by Hendrik Handloegten

Sophiiiie!, 2002
directed by Michael Hofmann

Im Juli, 2000
directed by Fatih Akin

Berlin/Göteborg String Theory

The Berlin/ Göteborg String Theory holds conducting collective art-happenings and workshops since 2007 in Germany and Sweden.
It is an orchestra project (feat. PC Nackt as conductor/arranger) including a great number of influential German and Swedish musical/visual artists and THE WORLD STRING THEORY orchestra.The project's goal is to create an international platforms for artists and to overcome artistic, political and economical boundaries.

The String Theory & José González
Jan/Feb/Mar 2
017 (Concert Tour Europe and USA)
November 2017 (Berlin, diverse cities in Sweden, Wiesbaden)
September 2018 (Royal Albert Hall, London)

Signal x - Suite 2

Workshop and performance
Energeticon Alsdorf, 2013

Signal x - Suite 1
Workshop and performance
Energeticon Alsdorf, 2012

Collaboration with José Gonzales, March/April 2011
including a tour with 19 shows in concert halls around Europe

The Aachen String Theory, 2011
Concert at Energeticon Alsdorf

The Göteborg String Theory, 2010
Concert at Konzerthuset Göteborg

The Berlin String Theory, 2008
New Years Concert at Volksbühne Berlin

Warren Sucide

Experimental electro-punk-art group formed in 2002 (feat. PC Nackt as vocalist, instrumentalist, programmer, producer)

Signed to Fume Recordings in the UK until 2007 and to the Berlin Label Shitkatapult in 2008.

Festivals, concerts and art-happenings all around Europe (Rock am Ring / Glastonbury / Roskilde etc.)

Fervent radio support leading to shows in the USA, featured in various publications including: NME,Metro,Playlouder,Observer Music Monthly, Time Out, Clash Magazine, Flux, Creative Review etc.

Received overwhelming support from DJs including: Steve Lamacq, Zane Lowe, Fatboy Slim, Laurent Garnier, Trevor Jackson, Tiga & Ivan Smagghe (Black Strobe), T.Raumschmiere and Flux FM


Warren Suicide 2002-2015 (selection)

World Warren Remixes
EP (Shitkatapult)

World Warren III
Album (Shitkatapult)

What did you do?!
EP (Shitkatapult)

Requiem for a missing link
Album (Shitkatapult)

The Hello
Album (Fume Recordings)

mini-album “Warren Suicide”
CD/DVD release
(Fume Recordings)

Listen to National Radio Stations

EP (1st Decade)


As Producer (selection)

ANDRRA: Palinë, 2017

Dieter Meier: Out of Chaos, 2014

Unmap: Pressures, 2013

Wende Snijders: Last Resistance, 2013

Apparat: Krieg und Frieden, 2013

Hans Unstern: The Great Hans Unstern Swindle, 2012

The Aachen String Theory, 2012

Apparat: Devil`s Pact, 2011

The Göteborg String Theory, 2010

Hans Unstern: Kratz Dich Raus, 2009

The Berlin String Theory, 2008

Band Deutscher Mädels2007



Musical directors / conductors:
Patrick Christensen aka PC Nackt and Ben Lauber


The celebrated collaboration between José González and the String Theory Orchestra, conducted by Patrick Christensen aka PC Nackt toured extensively in Europe with additional dates in the U.S.A.

Dates in 2017:

2 November - Funkhaus Berlin, DE
3 November - Gothenburg Opera, SE
4 November - Karlstad KCC, SE
5 November - Uppsala UKK, SE
6 November - Lund Mejeriet, SE
7 November - Schlachthof Wiesbaden, DE

...and in 2018:

20 September - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

“The intrepid orchestra embrace the unorthodox […] the contemporary and the traditional, combining electronic background noises with luscious string arrangements and insistent brass. […] It isn't just impressive, it's progressive.”
The Independent

© Jan Marbach



Artistic Direction: Schorsch Kamerun
Music: PC Nackt, Schorsch Kamerun

In a music theatre adaption of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, director and singer Schorsch Kamerun dedicates himself to the new idea of a Stuttgart-located “cyber valley“.
World Premiere: February 24, 2018 at Kammertheater Stuttgart

© Dorothea Tuch



Directed by Fabian Hinrichs, Schorsch Kamerun
Music and performance: Fabian Hinrichs, Schorsch Kamerun, PC Nackt

‘Would you like to shoot me now? Somehow you are now trying to shift the blame. You said yourself that you’re not very good with numbers. Maybe I never became a ichthyologist. But the really big dreams came true. Berlin and all of that. And YOU are now judging me on MY life?’

Fabian Hinrichs and Schorsch Kamerun meet the composer PC Nackt und dancers from Minsk for an epic performance – about whatever capital – interrupted by music and questions about how we can rule ourselves and at the same time escape from the ever commercialising apple strudel.              

After its premiere at Berlin’s Hebbel am Ufer as part of the festival Marx’ Gespenster, the piece produced by HAU, Kampnagel Hamburg and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt was performed in Hamburg in December and in Frankfurt in February 2016.